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The Benefits of Having Auto Repair Shop Insurance

auto repair shop insurance in Colorado Springs

A recent survey found that 90% of business owners felt that their insurance was inadequate, while 29% said they had no insurance coverage at all. The success of your auto repair shop depends on running it properly! It’s necessary to have the right insurance for your car repair business.

The benefits of proper insurance coverage for your car repair business include protecting you against liabilities and safeguarding your property. An insurance policy on your vehicle repair shop also shields you against business interruption.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the key benefits of auto repair shop insurance.


Liability insurance protects your auto repair business when something goes wrong with a customer. For example, if you break an axle or window or damage the body of a vehicle (while fixing something else), your insurance policy protects your car repair shop.

Moreover, your insurance provider will also cover legal costs if someone takes you to court. A customer, client, or vendor might sue you for several reasons, including nonpayment or faulty work.

Should a customer slip and fall at your auto repair shop, your insurance provider will cover medical bills.


The right insurance for your auto repair business protects your property and equipment from damage.

It will protect you against fires, floods, or theft. In addition, it can also protect your vehicle repair business when tools get stolen, or the roof collapses.

Expenses from rebuilding can cost you a fortune and keep you out of business for some time. The best insurance policy ensures you get the protection you need.

Business Interruption

Plenty of issues can interrupt the operation of an auto repair business. When you don’t expect the loss of business income, it can be taxing on your operations. You can’t pay employees or for items needed to run your operations.

Interruption insurance covers costs when there’s a fire or flood, too. It also protects you against storm-related incidents, such as a power outage. Furthermore, it keeps the business running when stolen equipment affects car repairs.

Workers Comp

Workers’ compensation insurance covers workers who become hurt on the job. You must have workers’ comp insurance to run your business. If you fail to carry it, lawsuits could put you permanently out of business.

This insurance will pay for lost wages, medical and legal bills. If a worker becomes hurt, they will file a claim. The process can take some time to complete.

If workers cannot return to work, they might be eligible for additional benefits.

Benefits of Auto Repair Shop Insurance

Auto repair shop insurance benefits include protecting you against liabilities and your property. An insurance policy on your vehicle repair shop also shields you against business interruption and workers’ compensation.

Let us show you why the proper insurance policies are necessary for running your auto repair shop. Our professional team will explain what is (and is not covered) and pricing. We will also demonstrate how to file a claim.

Our unmatched customer service is the best in the region! Schedule an appointment today to learn more.

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